Mokoomba is one of Africa’s most exciting young bands. Mokoomba hails from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and they are vibrant, distinct combining their traditional Tonga and pan -African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous and Afro-Cuban music. Since winning the Music Crossroads Inter-regional Festival Competition in Malawi in[…]



Umvundla EP


Umvundla EP

G-Rex Music 2011

Rising Tide


Rising Tide

ZigZagWorld / Igloo Mondo 2012


The Guardian, UK

Mokoomba: Zimbabwe's new sound

"Now, in their mid-20s, Mokoomba are being feted as Africa's most internationally successful young band after a rise that is as deserved as it has been remarkable. " Robin Denslow: The Guardian, UK

The Herald

Mokoomba will continue rising.

"Make no mistake, these boys are going to be big.." Professor Fred Zindi: The Herald, Zimbabwe

Songlines Magazine

Top of the world review: Mokoomba - Rising Tide

"New hotshots of pan-African funkiness." Rose Skelton, Songlines Magazine

Think Africa Press

Let's Dance: Mokoomba Takes Tonga Music to the World Stage

"Drawing heavily on their cultural Tonga roots, Mokoomba's infectious rhythms, dancehall styles and soulful high notes are getting audiences on their feet." Clyde Macfarlane: Think Africa Press

Afropop Worldwide, USA

Rising Tide - Mokoomba

"Mokoomba is quite simply the most impressive band Zimbabwe has produced in recent memory...This is an A+ international debut from a band nobody saw coming. Reports are they are even better onstage.!” Banning Eyre: Afropop Worldwide, USA.